Be Smart About Choosing Your First Underwater Camera

Taking pictures underwater can be a good experience if you pick the right camera. Your not taking pictures in the sky. Your taking them in H2O and millions of ocean bacteria. An ordinary camera equipped with water proof case might not be enough. Consider getting the best camera for diving tech. A highly detailed waterproof camera lens equipped. A durable high water pressure feature. Maybe even have a protective deep water case to protect it against sea rocks and fall. Consider all these things when trying to take pictures in underwater environments. It looks really cool to see all the sea life and plants move in harmony. But, it must be done right. More information below.


Make Sure Camera Has SLR Lens Tech

SLR lens have been proven by many scuba divers as being the best lens to have for underwater shots. Len adjustments can be made on the spot, and the lens are capable of catching every particle in zoomed in detail. In addition, SLR lens have very low shutter lag. The pressure your camera is going to experiencing can make the shot flash wrong. The shot needs to coordinate with the water in real time and in best rotation. The lens move like a spiral. They need to be in perfect balance to have the shot looking clear. Any disruption in the lens can cause the lens to stutter and have shot looking very unprofessional. Hook up SLR lens to your camera or but a camera that has SLR lens built in. The best camera for diving should have SLR lens installed. Double check to make sure the manufacturer or company has created SLR lens.

Test Out the Waterproof Case You Might Get for Underwater Pictures

Water proof cases are designed for underwater pictures, but you need to make sure it really works. There are hundreds of them on web. See if you bought the one that work well on a camera. Test it out in a pool on on a beach. Test it out for days. Do not assume it works after one day. You might want to take more underwater pictures in the future. The water proof case you buy must work. Also, see if you can put it on properly. If it is hard to put on, then you use another water proof case for your underwater camera.

Get Underwater Cameras With Manual White Balance

The color in oceans have a blue light to images, so get a camera that has manual white balance in it. Adjust the white balance to make the blue fade out and see colors in the sea. Real colors in the sea. Not the colors that have this blue or green tint to it. Change the white balance to suit the color to fit your own personal sea taking pictures style. Modern technology is not perfect in making a program to fix the blue underwater. But, it comes pretty close in giving you an artificial color balance to see the color in a way it would look if it is not underwater. You might like the new balanced color. Try it out and see. If you don’t like it, then go with a camera without white balance.